Where’s all the snow?

March 1, 2007

Day one. Thank heaven for big mercies. It appears that on a snowboard Mushy has the agility of cat. Well that was my thought until a rather too close encounter saw me eating snow. One of those moments where you see your whole life open up in front of you. It started snowing today, what a shame.

Day two. Having started to get the hang of this snowbarding lark confidence was high and we hit the chair lift with renewed vigour… then the piste, very hard. I sense a theme for the rest of the day. Good thing it is still snowing cos i’m beginning to hurt.

Day 3. For some reason Ant and I have been put up a group. God knows why. For all the skill we’ve shown over the last two days Archie must have told Aaron, snowboard instructor extraordinaire, to take Big Man and Ginger. Bricking it on the gondola on the way to slopes beyond our ability was absolutely unfounded. Quite simply the best snowboarding so far.

Day 4. It took 30 minutes on skis to realise quite how bad a snowboarder I am. I’m not a good skier. Fanstastic snow, we’re the most unlucky people in the world.

Day 5. Last day of skiing. More snow last night. Life’s a bitch. Fantastically sunny day today. Will hit the boards again tomorrow. Reservations made at Salzburg A&E. Food has to be better there than the hotel.


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